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    Default 21ft X-Dory

    John Gardner mentions the 21ft X-Dory in his Mower Dory chapter but it's short on details. He references the X-Dory as an enlarged Mower Dory. Are there any plans available? Are there any survivors? What is the beam?


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    You might want to look for a library with copies of The Rudder magazine. According to the index on Mystic Seaport's web site, there are two separate articles in The Rudder about a 21-foot Mower-designed sailing dory.

    There's a 21-foot “one-design” Swampscott dory in Feb 1900 (page 56), and a 21-foot “sailing dory” in March 1911 (page 147).

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    Default Re: 21ft X-Dory

    In The Dory Book Gardner says that he used the plans of the 21' Mower racing dory in reconstructing the lines of the 18' (20' overall length, 5'8" beam) Sea Chanty one-design Swampscott sailing dory. Gardner shows the lines and sail plan of the Sea Chanty, and a scale bar, but provides no offset table. I haven't seen the Mower plans, but my sense is that the Sea Chanty is pretty darn close. If you manage to track down the Mower plans I would be very interested in taking a loook.

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    Mystic may have the plans ... they have a collection of Mower designs, and plan no. 9.29 is identified as a 21-foot "Massachusetts racing dory."


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    Default Re: 21ft X-Dory

    Oh, and I thought we discussed this recently. Here's a thread from last April talking about various sailing dories, including the X-dory.

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