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    I've recently purchased a FB hull (carvel-mahogany on oak), and the deck has been made (poorly) of ply!!.
    That said when i've ripped it off i've nothing left for reference. My question is has anyone done/or have an idea of what a FB interior looks like, or indeed has done a restoration of one?
    Any help/photos' would be greatly received.

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    Scroll down to pg 41 at this site (pdf),M1

    may help a bit

    and congratulations

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    AFAIK it sounds like you have an International Folkboat-carvel, as the Nordic Folkbot class are lapstrake/bent frame. I was involved in a extensive rehab/restoration of a Nordic several years ago and still have plan sets issued by the class association used for the project. the interior was original and built to the plans. Very simple in the Nordic class- a small locker for oilskins to starbrd, small counter/cab to port, then P&S berths/setee. forepeak basically empty with no built-ins or exteraneous weight added foreward- just sails. No sink or plumbing involved, just a camper boat-the best ever in my opinion-

    Also there have been a few WB issues with Folkboat features and you can see interiors in those- the back issues search engine on the WB publisher web page will give the issue #'s, and there is a dedicated Folkbot book which should be a wealth of info.

    Congrats on obtaining one of the finest classics ever!

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