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Thread: Zippered Sail Cover Recommendation

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    Default Zippered Sail Cover Recommendation

    Our mainsail cover needs replacement and we're wondering if a zippered model might help keep out the mud dobbers and occasional bat.
    Has anyone had experience with them?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Zippered Sail Cover Recommendation

    I had one on the sail cover I built for for our trimaran. I used a #10 YKK Delrin tooth zipper (a big sucker - very strong and nothing to rust or corrode). You can buy various lengths in the separating version and if you can't find one which is perfect you can cut off the excess and sew a little stopper over the cut end to prevent the slider from running off. I also stuck one on the sail cover for our iceboat and not a single mud dobber has approached it during iceboating season.... One other (I can't remember which boat) used more than one zipper, end to end, because I couldn't find one long enough to go all the way. It worked just fine.

    The number five and number seven YKK Delrin tooth zippers have smaller teeth (like a heavy duty jacket zipper) but they're still pretty strong. Being a belt and suspenders kind of guy when it comes to sail and boat cover work, I always anchor about a six inch long piece of 1/8" cord (Dacron leech line, paracord, etc.) near the end where the zipper pull will be when closed. Zip the cover shut, run the end of the 1/8" cord through the little hole in the zipper slider and tie an overhand or figure 8 knot in it. Your cover is now locked shut and no amount of wind is going to open it up while you're gone.

    I usually close up open aft ends by sticking a piece of shock cord in the hem to keep bugs out and add a single twist lock or one-way snap there as extra security. As long as somebody is installing a zipper, it's also not a bad idea to build-in a flap of Sunbrella over it to help keep the UV off of the zipper.

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