I love sailing.....but i have two major gripes with sailing dinghies

  1. Much bigger than they look, certainly for storing in a UK garage, that's 5m/16ft long and already has 2 kayaks, 1 dinghy, a bike, all my tools and a ton of scrap wood in it.
  2. They are heavy beasts and so difficult to car top on your own

So i decided I would do a project that meant i could get out and sail without the usual faff factor. The obvious option was a sailing kayak. After looking at a few designs there wasn't anything that quite fitted what I wanted, a lot were a touch too heavy for single person car topping after a days paddling (I'm pretty weedy) and a few were too wide for comfy all day paddling and off course I just wanted an excuse to design something slightly different

This led me back to a design i had many times dismissed as a bit boring - the Ganymede, but the more i looked at it the more its dimensions/buoyancy distribution/weight and simplicity meant it was perfect for amateur tweaking. From that my lockdown project was born.....use up loads of my scrap wood (hence the weird design decisions)and convert the Ganymede into a sailing kayak.....but with a party trick of course .....
the final boat has a long slot in the front deck. the mast pivots (and is removable) and the sail folds up neatly into the slot. A cover over the slot means no one would ever know it had a sail until you pull on the halyard in the cockpit and the whole thing unfolds from under the deck. (although the rudder is a give away)

Full build pics here:

It works pretty well for a prototype....but totally hopeless as getting the sail back into the deck slot after use, it has to be scrunched up and tucked under deck bungees . So that side of it needs a re-think, but apart from that I'm extremely happy with it. hopefully it provides some future inspiration to others