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Thread: 1936 Dodge Sailboat

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    Default 1936 Dodge Sailboat

    I hope this doesn't violate any forum rules--if so, happy to delete. I'm looking for someone to take over a project boat that I acquired a few years ago. With a growing family, this boat--as cool as it is--just isn't the right size for us and we'd rather be sailing than fixing at the moment.

    This is a 1936 mahogany planked sailboat manufactured by the Horace E. Dodge Boat and Plane Corporation. Best as I can tell it was built at the Newport News factory. Not surprisingly, it shares a lot of characteristics with Dodge powerboats of that era. I understand that Horace Dodge was a Gar Wood fan (and also quite a partier and ladies man, which along with the depression sunk the company).

    LOA. 18'
    LWL. 16'6"
    Draft: Centerboard down, 4'. Up, 10"
    Planking: 5/8" mahogany
    Weight: 994lbs

    When I came across the boat in May 2019, it was on the side of a garage in Massachusetts covered in a blue tarp. I was told the boat had sailed two years prior but it's hard to know. I got it back to Indiana on its own trailer and then spent the rest of the summer cleaning it out, seeing what was there, and trying to get it to a state that it would keep the lake water out. We accomplished that (mostly, so long as the bilge pump was running), launched the boat last year and sailed her a few times before covering her and storing her in a mud floored barn. But she needs more attention than we can give her if she is to be a safe and steady daysailer. There are some good bones to work with, lots of very nice bronze W&C hardware, and everything is there to use as templates for replacements--nothing is missing as far as I know. That said, I see this as a project and you can expect the usual wooden boat issues; but for the right person I think it will result in a very handsome sailboat with a unique history.

    Other things of note: Comes with a working trailer with brake lights that function well (I made a light stand and mast cradle for travelling), sails are in very good shape (main and jib), standing rigging is solid, running rigging less so, mast and boom in good shape, centerboard and rudder complete but need attention (we sailed with them), some wonderful details such as two drawers under coamings, very nicely upholstered benches with bolstered backs, sunbrella boom cover that matches, lots of bronze W&C bits I've acquired.

    PM me if you'd like to take over this project and bring this unique boat back to life. Boat and trailer located in central Indiana.


    Trip Home from RI 3.jpgIMG_3036 (1).jpgIMG_0789 (2) copy.jpgIMG_0367 copy.jpgTrip Home from RI.jpg
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    Default Re: 1936 Dodge Sailboat

    Very nice boat! Kudos for trying to save it, and for offering to pass it on. I'm at full boat capacity right now, or I would love to have it. Heck, I'll probably think about it anyway.
    As an historical note, the Dodge brothers died in 1920 after contracting the Spanish Flu. The boat company probably changed hands several times after that, as the car company did.

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    Default Re: 1936 Dodge Sailboat

    That's a nice boat!
    If you are just giving it away, I suppose it doesn't break any rules, but selling on this forum is taboo.
    There is a classified section on the WoodenBoat website for selling.
    I hope you have luck finding a new caretaker!
    I was born on a wooden boat that I built myself.

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