Hi guys,

I think I will buy a big ship very soon. First I want to live aboard and maybe in the future I want to do some day tours with day passengers. I found a suitable vessel but unfortunately she hasn't got a rig. And since I am a sailor, I do want a rig.

Yesterday I visited a very similar vessel, but there was rust everywhere and it would cost a fortune so safe her.

Can anyone tell me what a simple rig with round steel masts, or wooden telephone pole masts would cost? My dream would be a brigantine but a staysail schooner is a bit more realistic.

The big question mark ist the cost of the two masts each one is probably about 25 meters long.

My guesses:
standing rigging 20k
running rigging 5k
sails 30k
calculations 10k
balast 10k
masts 15k since they are standard steel tubes?

The boat is 24 Meters long and has 70 tons displacement. So I think about 250 square meters of sail should be enough.

Boat: https://www.multiships.nl/nl/schepen...Botentekoop.nl

Example for a simple rig on a similar boat:

Sorry for a steel boat question in a wooden boat forum. But I think this forum is best for unusual questions like that.