I'm in the midst of building one of Dave Gentry' SOF designs, the Great Wicomico canoe and am looking for wood for the stringers and gunwales. The plan calls out vertical grain Western Red Cedar. Not real common in these parts (northern NJ.) Even if I could find I'd be a bit hesitant because two of the intended canoe passengers will be somewhat large rambunctious dogs so durability and splintering comes to mind.

For the past couple years I've noticed Home Depot has been marketing Burrill White Fir as a premium stud. This is the only place I've ever seen white fir and I've been to lots of lumber yards. A lot of it is vertical grain and a little digging in the stacks will turn up completely knot free boards. Most of the studs have a smattering of small pin knots. I'm wondering about the suitability of this for boat building. I can't find much information about durability, rot resistance, etc. It's light and stiff and presumably strong. I'm pretty sure I can coax it into the shapes needed for the canoe.

So, does anyone have experience using this wood in boats?