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Thread: Apple users, serious question.

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    Default Apple users, serious question.

    So, I got me a bus, well almost - it's at the other end of our wee country, on the wrong island.
    The importer I'm using has posted a bunch of pics on icloud photos, and sent me a link.
    The issue I have is that it says only 7 out of 20 files available, which I have no problem downloading (onto an Android device).
    I even dug out the old iPad, thinking perhaps Apple was hating on my Android . It took an hour on charge to recover from four years gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe, then I jumped through some Apple security hoops to get going - because it's been four years since my account was accessed .
    Ironically, although it can open any other website, albeit at snails pace, when it comes to accessing icloud, I just get the spinning icon thing - an hour later it hadn't made any progress so I gave up on it.
    Can any of you Apple enthusiasts shed some light on why only some of the photos are available?

    This is the beast in question.


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    Default Re: Apple users, serious question.

    Do you have a Mac or a PC to browse the link and maybe download the pictures?

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    Default Re: Apple users, serious question.

    Can you get him to email them to you?

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