Hi All,
I hope having a steel hull, albeit clearly based on a wooden boat design - an Alan Pape Ebbtide - will allow me to make use of the knowledge on this site. When I googled lugsails, many of the hits were threads on here. I have a junk-rigged schooner that I am thinking of converting to a balanced lug. I like the junk rig, but over the years I have discovered that the shear effort needed to work two large sails with the weight of battens and the ensuing miles of rope is too much for me. With only my wife, who never professed to be a sailor, I essentially sail short handed and I haven't found the theoretical ease of handling the junk rig to work for me on a 36' boat with two large sails.
My first question is very basic. With the similarities of the junk and balanced lugsails, can I assume that I should be able to make a suit of sails using the same mast positions? Also, can I assume that the aspect ratio of the sails and their subsequent forces would be similar enough to continue using the unstayed, douglas fir masts currently on the boat? I could add stays if necessary, but I'd prefer to keep it simple.
I have sailmaking skills and an industrial sewing machine so I plan to make the sails myself. I designed and made a standing lugsail on the first dinghy I built and a junk sail on a subsequent one, which I put up on youtube many years ago. Whether I need help with designing these sails I'll look at when I've got further along with the idea.
Thanks for any advice on this subject.