First things first, thank you for having me. I'm very excited to be a part of the forum. I grew up in Central Kansas on lake wilson. Both of my grandfathers were WW2 Navy veterans and continued their passion via sailing. We often had more than too many Snipes, Lightning, and other small, liteweight racing vessels around, and typically one motor boat of any variety grandpa didn't have to fight too much.

Despite sailing being the bulk of my childhood experience, as an adult I have always fancied the idea of a woodie. Not having the means for a Chris Craft or hacker or some other, well, "beyond my means without imminent divorce," I've just spent most of the last decade hanging around forums and checking out other people's crafts.

Last winter hey advert happened to pop up on Craigslist offering a "old wood boat with motor" for $2000. I sat on it for a good while before deciding to go take a look. After having a look and doing as much research as the internet had available I believe what we have is a 1959 Inland Style Master Dual Cockpit Runabout. It is boasting a 1961 Cloud White Merc400, but all documentation from previous owners registration points to 1959 for the hull itself. It has been out of the water since 1991 less a single weekend just after I bought it last year when I got it out to sit for about 6 hours while I skied on another boat.. luckily it had no leaks. That's a good start.

My deduction is unfortunately about all I have. I can find no reference of the company anywhere.. I have seen two others in similar annual ranges with similar original paint styles for sale in the past... Beyond that, I have absolutely no proof that that company or that boat ever existed.

Anyhow... Long introduction I realized but I was hoping someone pops up and has an uncle that worked there, or their dad owned it, or their brothers, sisters, best friends uncle has an old cut out for the original ad ... You know. Something.

Regardless and at any rate.. appreciate the join and I'm looking forward to breaking this down over the next few months and getting it back into lake going shape.

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