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Thread: SOF Classic 14?

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    Default SOF Classic 14?

    Does anyone have any experience with this boat, designed by Platt Manfort? Someone near me (well, sort of) is selling one. I'm building a Snowshoe 14 and was thinking of sometime in the future to try a Classic 12 as an ultralight rowing boat. Then this one came along. It's not only 2 feet longer than the Classic 12 but quite a bit heavier, too.

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    Well, if it's relevant, I built a Classic 12 and can only talk about it in superlatives. Rowed great and sailed great. Weighed nothing. If I had to do it all over again, I'd put much heavier heat shrink dacron on it. The 4oz provided in the kit was pretty delicate. What I liked most is the way it sailed, but you only mentioned rowing. I'm not that much of a rower but it tracked well, turned well, wasn't too skinny so you didn't have to concentrate on not flipping. ONe day I plan on building another one. Torn between the 12 and the 14, same boat, different station spacing.

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