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    I'm watching A2A as many of us do and Steve speaks of de-sawdusting the boathouse. For someone with a soil floor to their temporary shop like Steve has for Arabella, What are the drawbacks to removing the sawdust? It's a fire hazard of course. Makes it hard to find screws dropped into it sometimes I suppose. But otherwise, it insulates, protects a plane from falling in what would likely otherwise be mud in the region's rainy season, it's less work to just leave it and it will eventually decompose back into the soil providing some excellent earth for growing stuff. Why remove it? Fire Hazard aside of course. That's a very good reason to remove it but it could be wetted down from time to time to help keep dust and the risk of fire down. Does anyone have a shop that creates enough chips, shavings, dust etc that it covers the floor like Steve does? What are your thoughts on it? Steve? I know you pop in from time to time.
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    Hard to imagine that chips and sawdust lying in the dirt would be much of a fire hazard. Id rake 'em out smooth and leave 'em be.

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    It'll build up over time to a point where it becomes a hindrance. If it were me, I wouldnt clear it out back to bare dirt, but leave the bottom layer in place.
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    I've had shavings pile up into drifts a couple feet deep in the areas where I don't walk. The shop feels much bigger when I clear them out, and I find all kinds of tools that have been missing! This is more of an issue with plane shavings rather than sawdust.

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