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Thread: Boats on TV: Victory at Sea

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    Default Boats on TV: Victory at Sea

    This may be the mother lode of boat-related classic TV: the great 1950s Victory at Sea series depicting the naval side of World War II. Prepared with the blessing of the US Navy, music by Richard Rodgers, arranged by Robert Russell Bennett. Authentic footage from the US, allies, and the enemies. Great history that will keep you glued to the screen on these cold winter nights.

    26 episodes available here:

    I just watched this episode on warfare in the Arctic. Commando raids on occupied Norway, Arctic convoys from Scotland to Murmansk, fighting the Japanese in the Aleutians.
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    Default Re: Boats on TV: Victory at Sea

    Thanks for that link, looks interesting.

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    Default Re: Boats on TV: Victory at Sea

    I grew up watching that series on TV.

    Have the sound track on my phone for those times I want uplifting, inspirational music playing thru my hearing aids when I'm doing something necessary but with a high noxious quotient.

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    Default Re: Boats on TV: Victory at Sea

    What a great trove. We got TV in '53 because at age five I was in a succession of body casts for nine months. I loved the "Victory as Sea", along with such '50s classics as "Agriculture USA", "The Modern Farmer", and "The Big Picture". I did not like the Farmer Gray cartoons. And of course as a family we watched "Walt Disney's Disneyland". Three channels pretty clear and a fourth all snow.

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    Default Re: Boats on TV: Victory at Sea

    Sounds all to familiar Ian! We had a 13" black and green console unit to watch stuff on. When some neighbors got a 16" color TV they moved it out onto the patio in the summer and half the neighborhood would come watch Disney. Our property backed up against 800 acres of woods though, so daytime TV couldn't compete.

    I loved Rodgers' score for that and wore out a couple of sets of the LPs.

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