Lately I've been entertaining myself watching old TV shows on This website is a vast conglomeration of movies, videos, images, documents, and software. It's all old stuff whose copyrights have expired. You can download most of the files for free, although some are only on loan for a limited period, like a library book.

One of the shows is a detective drama called Follow That Man, aka Man Against Crime. Ralph Bellamy plays Mike Barnett, a private detective who unravels complex crimes and gets into and out of various scrapes. Bellamy was a highly regarded actor, who later earned a Tony Award for his portrayal of FDR in Sunrise at Campobello.

One episode has the unimaginative title of "Ferry Boat."

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The action takes place aboard the Staten Island Ferry, whose 25 minute trip fits conveniently into a half hour TV show. I won't give away the plot, but the show is worth watching for a tour of New York harbor, ca. 1953. Mostly the shots appear to be "on location" aboard the ferry, although there are a few shots of other vessels that look like stock footage.

The ferry in this episode is the Joseph F. Merrell. According to Wikipedia, the Merrell was built in 1951, making it nearly new at the time of the TV show.