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Thread: Multi-chine plywood reference book?

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    Default Multi-chine plywood reference book?

    Hi folks,
    Can any of our experienced and esteemed forumites please recommend me a reference book for designing and/or building a multi-chine plywood yacht? That is, 30-35 feet, ply and epoxy over longitudinal chine logs. Assuming such a specific reference will not exist, can you tell me where to look that will describe the relevant techniques and design considerations for ply-epoxy boatbuilding generally, in a way that I could apply to such a vessel? Ideally I am looking for a relatively up-to-date reference that won't recommend just making all the scantlings so enormous that you can avoid engineering.

    Context is, I am thinking long-term about a liveaboard sea gypsy cruising boat. I like the Badger junks except for their flat bottoms, and I like the Wylo II design except I prefer to work in wood/epoxy. Dudley Dix has several likely designs but not the flush decks to maximize space and headroom below. Point is, if I build this thing, I will almost certainly be adapting some details to get my ideal boat (otherwise why build it?). So I'd like to learn something first.

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