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Thread: Permanent anchor points for scaffold

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    Default Permanent anchor points for scaffold

    The crew is using a pump jack system to work on the tall walls of my place. Its a bit unusual because the roof is already on. Normally (I think) they would anchor off the plywood roof deck.

    They have V shaped supports they attach to walls, way up at the top, with screws.

    In the future, after the metal siding goes on, this will be harder since it will be difficult to find a solid/well-backed anchor point (and it will put holes in the metal looking for one).

    Id like to go ahead and install a fixture now that will make this easier if they have to go back up (paint, broken window, etc)

    I dont see an obvious choice for a permanent anchor point. At least not the US. The ones I am finding seem to be European.

    Does anyone know what is used in the US? Or something that might be suitable?

    First pic is mine. Others are from the net showing an example of the system and a UK anchor point.


    Edit-I guess I could use the fall arrest anchors. It would be loads better than the 4 screws they use to attach the braces currently. But still wondering if there is a better answer. Something made for the task.



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