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Thread: Navigation lights on a pilothouse?

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    Default Navigation lights on a pilothouse?

    Are there any issues with putting the navigation lights on the sides of a pilothouse, not in terms of legality but rather glare from the lights hurting visibility at night especially in rain or fog? Just wondering....

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    Default Re: Navigation lights on a pilothouse?

    Sure, Insides of bulwarks painted white can be blinding.
    Any reflection can be a nuisance.
    It's another thing we compromise on. Put em out on the ends...they get punched with salt.
    Put em where it's safe, we get glare/reflection/blockage.
    One just uses common sense when mounting, and deal with the glitches.

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    Default Re: Navigation lights on a pilothouse?

    There are specific regulations for the type and location of navigations lights per type and size of boat. I assume that you are asking about red and green side lights on a boat similar to the one you have pictured in the post above. It is common to put them on the wheelhouse roof on boats of that type, but they also have to be positioned properly in relation to the other nav lights carried. IMO regs require two metres vertical separation between side lights and masthead light, although most national agencies allow this to be reduced to one metre on boats under about eight metres LOA. It is usual to place the side lights within L-shaped screens that limit the visible arc of the lights. The inner surface of these screens are usually painted black.

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    Default Re: Navigation lights on a pilothouse?

    had 'em on the sides of my Atlas Pompano's pilot house from the factory

    pompano 21 front view on trlr .jpg

    no issues

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    Default Re: Navigation lights on a pilothouse?

    I painted the inside of mine red and green, to make them more red and more green.

    Roof is best.

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    Default Re: Navigation lights on a pilothouse?

    I tucked mine under the overhang on the roof. No issues with visibility/glare at night.


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