Is a new documentary by Adam Curtis, currently available on the BBC iPlayer.

I've sat through this over the last couple of days. It's about six hours long, composed of excerpts from TV and film over the decades, with a voice-over. The Guardian called it 'enthralling and dazzling'. The Economist 'ambitious but largely forgettable'. The Independent 'fascinating and disorientating'. The Spectator 'incoherent and conspiracy-filled'. It'll get Baftas, for sure.

...My kind of reviews!!

The upshot: human society is so interconnected and complex that no single human can understand how it actually works. All power is ultimately monetary, beyond any national political system to control. No-one, whatever they claim, has a clue how it actually works, what its goals are, or - indeed - what outcomes will occur if you tweak the parameters. Even just a little bit.

Individuals within the system have no independence, little free-will. We're all just along for the ride, and clueless as towards any particular end-result.

One potential system that might work, post-capitalism, is to have a nation of 'drugged' drones (via advanced social media, mental drugs, UBI) simply following the desires of the power, 'money', led by AI trading = post humanism. Would we be happy? Would we 'add value'? Could we be said to even exist?

A great look into Putin's rise to power - and his current powerlessness. To China's dismissal of communism and its financial stranglehold over the US. To all evil, forged by oil, for a century.

Worth a watch. If you've the time.