Have you folks seen the new kit from Duckworks, the Scout?


it looks like a really nice little sail and oar boat, which is ultralight. It has a boomless fully battened rig like the portage pram, but with reefing. And it only weighs 65 pounds! A CLC tenderly weighs twice that with the same length and beam. And it has quite a bit of floatation/storage in the tanked in seats and fore deck. It looks like a really nice interpretation of a backpackers camp cruiser.

The Northwest Maritime Center is having a class, with a virtual option, to build the first run—like they did for Scamp. Getting the boat built over two consecutive 4 day weekends really appeals to me. And while I’ve done a bit of composite construction, I’m excited to learn some new tricks.

I have a 16’ Dierking Wa’apa outrigger that sails great, but is a bear to set up and get on and off of the car. It doesn’t really paddle that well either. And I have a Hobie i11 inflatable mirage drive “kayak”. The Hobie gets used all the time, and the Wa’apa hasn’t been out all year. I’m hoping that this is a more usable day trip boat for me that sails well, and can be rowed up little creeks and other shallow/narrow places.

I’m sold. What do you all think?