From Seattle CL:

I am a father of 6 adopted kids, 1 severe Autistic with limited speech. He has had a real interest in boats since he was around 3, he's currently 13 but mentally closer to 8.

I'd like to get him a Boat he could use as a playtoy, doesn't have to have a motor but a steering wheel would be nice. If you have a boat that you are thinking of taking it to salvage please call me first. The boats final destination would be Ocean shores.
If you have a boat in your yard that you just want gone, please get in touch with me.

Help me put a smile on my sons face, I'd appreciate it more than you could ever know. I don't have a lot of $$ but I'd be more than happy to do chores and things for the boat. Life is short and I'm not in the greatest of health so I'd like to do this sooner than later.

Thanks for your consideration


Seems like a good use for an old boat project that needs a new home. If I had something suitable I'd donate it happily but I don't. Anyone else?