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Thread: Ross Lillistone Flint and "Fleet" questions

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    Default Ross Lillistone Flint and "Fleet" questions

    I really like the Flint or Fleet, it is lightweight and efficient, but there are some aspects of these two designs that may not fit our needs.

    Looking at this video, I could see the freeboard problem

    It looks to me like there is not enough freeboard for our use and location, so I was trying to determine what the freeboard at the oarlocks is to help determine if this design is appropriate.

    On the other hand, this video shows the sailing lug version doing quite well in a chop

    Our use is taking two people with gear and supplies for a week to a mooring, and transfer to the larger sailboat, or 4 adults with minimal gear to go daysailing. The distance is about 2-3 miles down a river with wind against current (4knots). There can be a very wet chop in these waters. I would also like to build an assist post and step, for transferring up the ladder to the sailboat.

    I like the cartop lightness, simple design and efficiency which will fit our 3.3 hp Mercury or if I built the Fleet, our 8hp Nissan. I think it might also be suitable for towing long distances (our sailboat is just 32' and without adequate room to put a dinghy on the deck). Being able to row and sail is an added plus.

    Perhaps I can add more freeboard (changing the rowing characteristics) if I build this? Or is there a similar design that would be better suited to our use?
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