Having sailed since I was yet to be born, I suppose I have had more than my share of time at sea, crossing many expanses of salt water and often spending weeks at sea! For this reason I have had more than my share of UV exposure which coupled with a Scandinavian complexion has told me that I should have worn a hat more often, long sleeves and sailing gloves to name a few protections against UV exposure. I would place a very good sun block skin protection lotion at the head of the list. Now in my mid eighties I am paying dearly for my savior fare as to the cumulative effects of sitting in the sun!

I can add four years of being an ocean life guard and also being a pro skier to the sun that has soaked my hide! Now it is spots of damaged skin that can become cancerous and so must be removed by what is called: Moe's Surgery. Till now it has been carving on my scalp and backs of hands by a plastic surgeon that first made me aware of the danger of sun exposure to human skin. Last week it was on my face and I am not exited by having part of my cheek removed and the scar disguiesed by skillful work by my doctor. Not a whole lot of fun in exchange for my own stupidity of not avoiding sun burn and lack of protection from it! So my friends all I can say is wear a good sun block when you venture out, even for a short time at sea, on a hike or on the ski slopes! Just a little precaution can save a lot of hassle for you in later life!
Wishing you all well!
Jay aka Bird