After two stitch and glue boats, then one stripper canoe, and then two glued lapstrake, it's time for a traditional built carvel boat row boat. I've been reading the forum and many think it's just crazy to go back in time when boats were build with cotton caulking, rivets and roves, and ribands and spiling etc. But it's like Everest I suppose, can you call yourself a real amateur boat builder if you haven't built one of these, just to see if you can?

Here's my question- any idea of what plans: Has to be 12 feet or under ( reasonable size for my garage), use traditional carvel techniques, have good plans- lofting is fine if needed ( been reading books on it, and want to give it a try if needed). Does not have to be easy, or quick to build- as they say "it's the journey"

While I have your attention; does anyone else feel guilty that you have to stay home during the pandemic a lot more than in the past, and you don't mind it at all? ( get to build boats)