A month ago, I wrote a piece called “Won’t somebody please think of the children!” —which looked at how quickly people are jumping into mad conspiracy theories involving trafficked children.
That particular post focussed on WayfairGate, a conspiracy theory that said an online homeware store was openly selling children as sex slaves. This was rapidly accepted as fact by thousands of people. I was surprised to see a few of my left-leaning friends getting amongst this one. Something about this one sucked a lot of people in.
It is the perfect environment for this stuff to spread: Jeffrey Epstein’s already proven that rich men can get unfettered access to underage girls — so of course elites like Hilary Clinton have been holding kids hostage underground!
It was surreal, as a few weeks after I wrote that piece, The United Nations had its ‘World Day Against Trafficking in Persons Day’.
This was a day meant to raise awareness of human trafficking — which again, is a very real thing — but it doesn’t have a fucking thing to do with bat**** insanity like WayfairGate.
And that’s what I’m saying — information is moving at such a pace that many people don’t stand a chance of sorting out the bull**** from reality.
So now we’re in the grips “Save our children!” conspiracy theories en masse. Just take a look at this guy on Tiktok: