Trump goes after FBI director Wray, whom he appointed, and issues warning to Barr.

"(CNN)President Donald Trump on Thursday again attacked his own FBI director, whom he appointed, and pushed Attorney General William Barr to pressure the Justice Department's investigation of the Russia probe.

Trump told Fox Business that Wray "was put there for a good reason, he was chosen by a certain person, and I said, go ahead, put whoever you want. I'm so honest that I said you could put anybody you want. Let's see how Wray turns out. He's either going to turn out one way or the other."
He continued, "Bill Barr has a chance to be the greatest of all time. But if he wants to be politically correct, he'll be just another guy.""

The King is not pleased evidently, some of his courtiers are proving somewaht less brown nosers than he requires.