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Thread: Anyone recall 1960s black tarry marine glue product?

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    Default Anyone recall 1960s black tarry marine glue product?

    When my father, brother and I restored a 1930s Winabout (Town Class) sailboat in the 1960s we used a brownish black, very sticky marine glue that had the consistency of very thick molasses.

    I am trying to remember the name of the product.

    My brother and I only recall that on the can (a black and white can, I think) it said “it’s tenacious.” This was a huge understatement. I think I have tools stained with this substance 60 years later! The stuff was so legendary we named the boat after it: Tenacity

    Anyone remember the brand name of this stuff? I assume it went out of production long ago. Probably toxic.

    By the way, it was not Jeffery’s traditional tar. It came from the can as a very viscous liquid. It did not have to be heated up to liquify.
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