It is 40 years since I took Peerie Maa on. She was in a pretty ropey state, many of the planks were split and had been repaiers in the Shetlands by their traditional method of clenching a doubler over the split. She was amateur built with too much wood taken off when hemming home the laps, so there were some cracked lands, and huge tapering gaps. Here shear strakes and inwires were rotten as were her frames and she had rusted out galvo nails fastening her mid line.
Unfortunately there were so many split planks that to repair her properly would have required a total rebuild on the old backbone, so I spliced in new wood to repair the worst of the crippled lands, replaced the iron ith copper bolts and renewed shear strakes and frames.

So now it is time to overhaul her again. It has been such a dry summer that some of the splits have widened, and the old boatinatube has lost its elasticity and grip on the wood.

After cleaning out the splits and gaps and preparing splines.

A badly split land. This had been repaired previously with a glued in spline. I will replace the missing piece of spline, refasten clear of the crack, and reinforce by edge nailing into the plank.

And an indication of how much she has dried out, a gap between the forefoot and keel. As she is dry sailed, this will be filled with something soft and squidgy, as it is unlikely to take upo any time soon.