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Thread: Wood boat friendly yards on the Great Lakes?

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    Default Wood boat friendly yards on the Great Lakes?

    25 years ago living in Chicago there were some boat yards that wouldn’t lift wooden boats. Some required a waiver. Many didn’t allow sanding and painting inside the storage buildings. Now it seems some local yards don’t even allow owners to sand or paint in outdoor storage.

    There was one yard that had a separate building just for owners working on their boats. Naturally this was a place for wooden boat owners to store their boats and turned out to be a great place to spend weekends working on their boat and socializing with other wooden boat owners. It also worked out well for professionals coming in to repair boat.

    What boat yards on the Great Lakes do you know of that are wooden boat friendly? Do they have indoor storage and allow owners to work on their boats?

    I am in the Traverse City area and considering converting the riding arena on our property to a wooden boat maint/storage building with a heated wood shop. Hopefully as a “business” it could at least cover insurance and electric.

    On a side note what about boat movers and wooden boats? I haven’t had much luck finding local movers with hydraulic trailers who will move wooden boats over 18,000 pounds. Either due to limitations of the trailer or insurance issues.

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    Default Re: Wood boat friendly yards on the Great Lakes?

    In the UP, there is a big wooden boat show every year at Hessel, near Cedarville. Maybe they have a yard that will hoist wooden boats? That is also where the Great Lakes Boat Building School is, so seems worth looking into.

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