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Thread: A Thank You to the Editors of WoodenBoat and the Members of the WoodenBoat Forum

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    Default A Thank You to the Editors of WoodenBoat and the Members of the WoodenBoat Forum

    Compared to a lot of the folks who hang around here, I'm a young guy. All of 27 years.

    I've really only been into boats for the last 5 years or so, mostly because I grew up in a car family. But, as my mother puts it, I never could keep out of the water.

    My early introduction into boating was two-fold. I began reading my father-in-law's WoodenBoat Magazines, and I was invited out for a sail on his friends Concordia Yawl.

    I was ruined for good.

    Shortly after this, I discovered that this wonderful publication hosted a forum. Being of the internet generation, this piqued my interest. I quickly discovered a vast amount of knowledge, held by dozens, or hundreds, of *ahem* experienced people who were kind enough to entertain the most basic of questions that I had yet to find the, now, very obvious answers to. Its been almost 5 years of perusing the Forum since then. And while I have contributed very little, given that I really haven't done that much, I have learned so very much. In fact, a large portion of my boating knowledge, Wooden or otherwise, is courtesy of the fine Members of the WoodenBoat Forum. A few have even tolerated my novice status enough to meet me in person, and let me tag along on various adventures, expanding my knowledge base so much further. I can even offer up advice from time to time when I come upon someone who is as I once was.

    While I continue to learn, dream, and plan, I hope that many more like myself will come along, and be welcomed into the brethren of Wooden Boat enthusiasts.

    And for this opportunity, I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to the fine people who put together WoodenBoat Magazine, for their very successful effort of spreading the joy of wooden boats. I also want to thank those who thought it a good idea to get on board with this fancy Internet thing, and establish this forum. I especially appreciate the effort and cost that goes into maintaining a forum without ads on it. That is worth a lot to me.

    And lastly, a big thanks to the fine Members of the WoodenBoat Forum. Your experience and knowledge is a huge asset, and a person like myself can gain a huge amount of knowledge from your sharing. Please keep it up, because it is appreciated!

    See you on the water,

    Ben Sebens
    Bellingham, Wa
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