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Thread: Yarmouth smack??

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    I suspect that this is really for Smacksman, but comments from anyone are welcome.

    I have a two foot long model of a Great Yarmouth (U.K.) fishing trawler or smack which has been in the family for over 100 years. The hull is is in good original condition, the rigging pretty decayed but some basics still there. Spars appear to be complete. It's now my turn to try to restore it, and I want to do it right! The family story is that my grandparents or one generation back bought it at a sale to benefit the survivors of its sinking in a "terrible storm" in which several other local boats foundered, probably in the 1890's. Registration number is YH12, name "Two Brothers". I have done the obvious searches using Google, and just run into dead ends. Anyone got any ideas as to how to go about researching this boat? Is there an on-line registry of 19th century U.K. east coast fishing boats? Any suggested books about details? (I can always try to get a copy via inter-library loan).

    Thanks for any help here.


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    Just basic background stuff - have you got copies of Edgar J. March's two books, "Sailing Trawlers" and "Sailing Drifters". If not I would advise acquiring them before proceeding. Crammed withj scale drawings. Not now in print, but available secondhand.

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