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Thread: 19' "Alaskan" Grand Banks Dory/ Jeff Spria Design

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    To Any One that can help me,,,,,
    My question is concerning the Alaskan 19 ft Grand Banks Dory,
    by Spira International Inc.
    I am asking has anyone built this boat, or seen this boat built, or knows anything about this boat. Its a row, sail, outboard power. With a"well"
    I would really like some more information on this boat since I have the plans in hand,
    and plan on starting this project soon.
    I have been to all the dory sites on the internet, I think I have read every book i can find at the library,
    I see lots of 16 and14 ft boats out there, but I haven't seen a 19f, with 6 and a half foot beam.
    This boat was designed in 1999 and i have talked to jeff spria himself several times viea e-mail,, i just would like to be able to find or chat with someone that has built this boat, so that i may not make all the mistakes that i for see coming my way, you can view this boat @

    This is what he has to say about this boat, his words not mine....
    The Alaskan was initially designed for a customer who lives in Alaska and wanted an excellent all around boat for having fun and fishing for Salmon. He liked the Nova Scotia dory but wanted something a bit bigger, something he could power from a well mounted outboard, and a boat that could be sailed in a pinch. So, the Alaskan for just that - universal power, an outboard, oars, or sails - and the sea kindliness inherent with the traditional Grand Banks dories.
    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again and ill keep checkin back.......
    ps, real cool site glad i found it,
    your friend DoryDan,, o ya i live on vancouver island B.C.
    thanks for the info,,,
    and keep me posted,
    ~~~~ DoryDan ~~~~
    Thank You,, <br /> ~~DORYDAN~~

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    Dan, I haven't built one and don't personally know anyone who has. Jeff impresses me as straightforward, honest, and very knowledgeable about the boats he designs. What you need to know you can get from him.

    However, if you don't get any responses here and want more info here's my suggestion; John Kohnen attends a number of west coast wooden boat gatherings and can probably name anyone that has built this boat or one like it. Check out his site ( ), and if you can't find what you need from his web pages you can email him. He was incredibly helpful and instrumental in helping me discover the origins of my surf dory.


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    Not familiar with this boat, although i am with the designer. Have you also considered the Sea Swift by Sam Devlin? 19'3"OAL and 5'5" beam. Great lines, and plans are excellent.Full panel layout dimensions, no lofting. Also carefully consider the type of rigging you're going to utilize since this is very important on a Dory design boat which "sails on it's ear"

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