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Thread: Hadron single handed "Merlin Rocket"

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    An update on Hadron news. She has been nominated by Yachts & Yachting magazine for Boat of the Year 2014. When testing they said ,

    "" An extremely well-mannered boat which was very comfortable to sail while still giving the performance to put a smile on your face"

    "A brilliant handling little boat."

    Tom Gruitt, Yachts and Yachting Magazine, Boat Test, November 2013.

    Five boats are in build in the US. Here's one

    SBYC test sailled her


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    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned (Or maybe I missed it) that there is structural strength gained in that central buoyancy tank for the centerboard. I'm sure that plays into it as well. I like the idea of the central tank. Never sailed that kind of boat though so I'd have to give it a go before I know for sure if I like it. A place to sit downwind is nice though.
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    I love the look of her and the 'spareness' of her equipment. As a fan of Cherubs since my youth she ticks all the boxes. I am 70 and 140lbs odd and I'd be happy to have one. Build doesn't look too complicated either. I don't mind the frames (#27) though the cockpit midsection one could be a toe crusher till you get used to it.

    As a matter of interest I use an inflatable central boyancy 'sausage' in my sailing canoe for much the same reason in a capsize. Not as good as built in but removaveable is good too.

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    Thought I'd bump this old thread. Tom Lathrop seems to be MIA. Anyone heard fro him?

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