M'enfin! Qu'allez-vous inventer ensuite?

I've been sorely worried about your absence Peter and hoped that you and la belle Nat had fled the covid-calyps and isolated yourself on Turtle Bay laden to the Pimsoll line with wine and good provender, instead I find you taking the art of malingering from honey-dos into whole new and god forsaken dimensions!

Grumbling about a bad back is one thing but to actually break a leg and ensconce yourself in some sort of War of the World's Martian walker is simply taking it too far!

I am very happy to hear that you're well and of course I've signed the petition even if it seems a bit late.
I must have missed your reentry to the forum by a mere couple of days, boating haven't really been high on the agenda this long dark year.
I shall make a printscreen of you and put it next to the front door to remind me of what can happen if you leave the house without the LPBC :P