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WBS class? Build Your Own Houseboat!

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    Re: WBS class? Build Your Own Houseboat!

    I think funky is the way to go.
    As soon as you find a place you like they're going to kick you out...


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      Re: WBS class? Build Your Own Houseboat!

      I was sitting in the cabin of the Escargot canal cruiser BONZO, a boat my son, Nate, and his friend Bobby Calnan built the summer after they’d graduated from high school. It was a winter evening—cold and dark outside—but I had a fire going in the woodstove and a few candles lit. I heard a knocking on the hull . . .
      - Chris

      Any single boat project will always expand to encompass the set of all possible boat projects.

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        Re: WBS class? Build Your Own Houseboat!

        Someone is building an Escargot over on Reddit. Fun to check in to their posts periodically.


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          Re: WBS class? Build Your Own Houseboat!

          The Escargot is the only boat I've come across that appears to be bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Remarkable.


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            Re: WBS class? Build Your Own Houseboat!

            I had a partially-baked idea to build a minimum camper/shanty boat. It would be 12' long, and ride on a utility trailer. It would function as a dry land camper, a shanty boat, and with the boat removed, you'd have a utility trailer. I've camped in a van, which is much smaller than that. My plans included a pop-up top with canvas side curtains/windows to reduce windage when being trailer or if you got caught in a violent storm. On nice warm days, you could remove the side curtains for breezy shade.


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              Re: WBS class? Build Your Own Houseboat!

              "Lisa B Good" document is interresting and from "our time".
              I suggest you to compare with Its a similar project as well documented but from the 1940's. Other times means other msterisls... nice to read.
              Ok "Coolwater" is 18' so too long for that subject.

              A shorter vintage project (16') is the "PM's Platform Boat" that you can find in Popular Mechanics from March 1966.


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                Re: WBS class? Build Your Own Houseboat!

                Originally posted by rbgarr
                I wish the WB School would conduct a class for building houseboats. I can imagine a whole fleet of them anchored in the shallows off the WB dock as alternative 'camping' sites for students. Wagbags and water jugs would do. I'd love to take a class building one with a bunch of others and would gladly buy it at raffle depending on the design. I wonder if one could be knocked together in a week or two? There's a sweet cove right nearby where we could moor one for our grandchildren to play and live on. Endless fun. When I was a teen a couple of friends built one on a discarded raft and we had so much fun with it. This idea first occurred to me when I was in college, but then I could not realize it. Once I even wanted to write my college essay and for I collected photo materials and drawings of comfortable houseboats. But then I could not make such a complex project, but now if there are positive reviews and there are enthusiasts besides me, I think we can do it together.
                I think this is a great idea! For many students this would be a fun project and if a class could be put together to study, design and build these houseboats it would be a cool project. But it's quite difficult. But also ambitious. I hope one day such a class will be successfully created.
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                  It would be a great idea and an adventurous journey. Everyone must have visited it. As a professional research writing service provider. I did great research on this topic when I was working on a task. Students should have to build this houseboat and experience great teamwork.