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  • Forum; my bad?

    please direct this question where it's best, I have been using the "Hybrid" view in the Forum and frequently when I post a reply to a thread I won't see it in the main discussion the next day, but can go to it in the outline form of the view. In this case I don't see replies to my post and I am never sure whether members have seen my submission. Am I doing something wrong??


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    Re: Forum; my bad?

    I didn't know we had different "views" on the Forum?!? I think I see your posts, but now I'm wondering if I see all ​of them.


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      Re: Forum; my bad?

      If you go to “quick links” then select “subscribed threads” only threads that you have posted to will appear. I do that first if I haven’t been to the Forum in a bit.


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        Re: Forum; my bad?

        First, what ap/program/platform are you using, Ken?

        Also, in at least firefox on android, a reload of a page directing to a specific post - as often after posting - doesn't work as expected. I solve that by loading the page the post is on and scrolling down.

        eta: oops, old thread.. maybe this will help someone anyway.