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Forums not rendering correctly in Firefox

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    Re: Forums not rendering correctly in Firefox

    Originally posted by DGentry
    I, too, have this rendering problem, and use Firefox. I find it so dysfunctional that the forum is barely on my radar these days, which is a bummer.
    I too was using Firefox to access the forum. I added Chrome to my Windows PC and it works fine. I imported bookmarks etc. so it was an easy switch.


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      Re: Forums not rendering correctly in Firefox

      I changed from Chrome to Firefox the other day and straightaway had this same issue - and only on this site of all the ones I visit. I clicked the little icon to the immediate left of the forum url in the address bar, and confirmed that even though the site was not secure, I still wanted to visit it. Then it was fixed. I do wish the admins could find their way into the 21 century.
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        Re: Forums not rendering correctly in Firefox

        I generally use Safari. I get that screen at least three times a week, usually when I try to reload a page. I usually click on Forum, near the top of the list, and that takes me to the front page where I select the forum I wish to view.

        From there, none of the Reply links permits me to Reply until I've managed to Go Advanced and from that I can then Reply to subsequent posts. If I go away and don't return for a few hours I have to go through the Go Advanced routine again in order to post any Reply.

        I have never seen the forum as https. the URL field always says "Not Secure".

        Garret is correct. The version of vBulletin which they are using is old, and I've heard it's a trial version anyway. It's done remarkably well, considering.
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          Re: Forums not rendering correctly in Firefox

          Success - without switching browsers. As johnno did, above, I clicked on on the padlock symbol (next to the shield on the L side of the address bar), and switched to http, rather than https. Works just dandy now.
          Thanks for this thread and contributors - I had heretofore thought it was just my computer. Thanks to Scot, too, who reached out to try to help.
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