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Is it possible the magazine could feature Katie Belle?

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  • Is it possible the magazine could feature Katie Belle?

    She's a 24m schooner built by 2 cousins from Nova Scotia. Neither was a shipwright but were descendants of a boatbuilder.
    Cameron Shipyards Ltd. was a former shipbuilding company in the 1800's out of Maitland. Evan and Nick's great grandmother, Katie Belle Cameron (maiden name), married Albert Densmore. They resided in Riverside, Colchester County. Katie Belle's father was Arthur Cameron, and he was of the original Cameron Shipyards Ltd.

    Cameron Shipyards Ltd., Stewiacke, Nova Scotia. 1,974 likes · 1 talking about this · 156 were here. Ship building in Stewiacke, NS

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    Re: Is it possible the magazine could feature Katie Belle?

    She's been on a ball for I don't know how long now at the top of Bedford Basin. Derigged, booms all ahoo. I saw her under construction a few times and if you saw what I saw Michael, you'd shudder. They built her hella stout but their technique leaves her exposed to all sorts of problems. She's the only heavy yacht I've ever heard of that uses waterjet propulsion. Twin Deeres for power. Frames are all laminated I'd guess about 6" square on real close centres. she's framed as though sawn but of laminated hardware store 2 by SPF. They had some pretty slick creative tools they built too. Their spar lathe had a power head on it held in place and traveling the length of it as it slowly turned. The hull planking is quite thick as well I think I recall. Her keel is concrete, cast in place with the floor of the shop used as the bottom of the form. The concrete was poured up over the frame heels to hold the frames in place. I can't recall how the floor timbers were arranged. I never saw her with her cabin outfitted, she was empty of interior joiner work but the hull structure was done, deck laid (sevearl layers of diagonal laid SPF like the hull. They came up with the shape as teens with their grandfather so they wanted to build that hull shape. She's afloat, which is much more than I can say for my dream project.
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      Re: Is it possible the magazine could feature Katie Belle?

      She doesn't have the prettiest lines, but the fact two cousins with no shipbuilding experience built her in such a short time is quite a story. Even her shortcomings would be of interest to see how inexperience played that role. She was launched into the tidal waters of the Stewiacke River on a particularly high tide and had to make it to (I believe) Parsborro before the tide fell, via the Shubenacadie River. It was the first sailing ship to do so in a long time. I thought it would be an interesting story for the mag.