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  • Metabo TS 254 M

    Earlier this year I bought a Metabo TS 254 M table saw. I did the usual research of reviews and Youtube clips, found it all a bit much, and decided I wasn't after super high precision. And the price was right; a fraction over $AU500.

    Back view.jpg
    So, what do I think of it? It has a ten inch blade which is nice. It's quite stable and it's cutting accuracy is more than adequate for my standard of fact I could probably lift my game a bit. The tilt adjustment is good, as is the height adjustment though it can bind a bit when cranked right down. The geared crank only operates on one end. Giving the other end a tap up frees it. There may be something else to it but I found that works.
    The one thing I feel that it does fall down on is dust extraction. It works just fine till you start trimming thin layers. These tend to drop down along side the blade and block the sawdust extraction outlet. To clear it involves undoing around 5 small screws that hold a plastic cover over the lower half of the blade. A couple of catches would remove the tedious process of undoing and trying not to lose the screws.
    There is a blade guard but I rarely fit it as I find the quick release catch gets in the way on thicker stock.
    Would I buy it again? Quite possibly, though I think I'd look at the dust extraction methods on a few others as well.
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    Re: Metabo TS 254 M

    I like that outfeed support system. Nice looking saw


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      Re: Metabo TS 254 M

      I like it. Another good feature is the fast shut down of the blade when you hit the stop button.
      Without freedom of speech, we wouldn't know who the idiots are.


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        Re: Metabo TS 254 M

        I have this saw too. Bought it second hand and the price was definately right. There are a couple of issues with mine to keep an eye out for.

        The fence doesn't clamp down parallel to the blade, I have to check it with a rule and adjust it slightly each time. Also once or twice I have noticed the blade lowering itself slightly during use. So when cutting a dado in multiple passes, the cuts weren't consistant and got slightly shallower.

        Like you say its not a precision tool, but does the job most of the time.