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    I recently picked up a couple of old chisels, One Hearnshaw & Co, John bull trademark 1 1/2" paring chisel & a Mathesion of glasgow
    1 1/2" socketed firmer chisel, both were pretty beat up with split handles full of woodworm, good thing was the blades are full length & not too rusty. Visiting my old man who is 86 & getting frail i borrowed his wood lathe & we turned two new handles from Boxwood & fitted them. Fitted new bronze ferrules & gently cleaned the blades, they came up a treat & take an edge like a cut throat razor. Looking forward to using them rather than sticking them in a case!
    Good bit of quality time with the old boy, he's taught me a lot.

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    Re: Old Chisels

    Pictures, every body wants pictures.

    You were lucky to find boxwood got a link to the supplier?
    It really is quite difficult to build an ugly wooden boat.

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      Re: Old Chisels

      I can't find the 'thumbs up' button! But I must agree: some photos of these gems would be nice.

      You know, I've spent this day cleaning out my dad's shop -he died last year at 87- and he liked to grind away at that smooth long plane behind the bevel! Thank god he was cheap, too! But I miss 'im!