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  • Tony McPhee RIP

    I expect few of you will recognise the name,He was the driving force and exceptional guitarist fronting the Groundhogs.Who might accurately be described as a bit obscure.On the other hand I was at one of their performances when I witnessed the most spectacular guitar playing I have ever seen or heard,if not quite the loudest.I knew he had been fighting poor health and the battle was lost a few days ago.An obituary appears here:

    A sample of his music is here

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    Re: Tony McPhee RIP

    Bummer! I really liked the Groundhogs, and Tony McPhee did some great versions of John Lee Hooker tunes.
    I saw the Groundhogs on the Empire theatre in Liverpool when they were the support band for the Rolling Stones. That was 1971.
    Keith Richards was really late getting to the gig and the Groundhogs had to play an extra half hour to cover for the Stones, which was fine by me.
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