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Notes on our Brett Kavanaugh

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  • Notes on our Brett Kavanaugh

    A pro bono advocate of slavery? No surprise there

    How a reclusive heiress’s past in suburban D.C. sparked a true-crime sensation in Brazil — and a national reckoning over the status of household servants

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    Re: Notes on our Brett Kavanaugh

    Kavenaugh was working on an appeal for a defendant, convicted in a trial judged by his mother?

    In what way would that not be a conflict of interest?
    You would not enjoy Nietzsche, sir. He is fundamentally unsound. — P.G. Wodehouse (Carry On, Jeeves)


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      Re: Notes on our Brett Kavanaugh

      "I like beer, do you like beer Senator?"

      Now cry you little wussy, cry like the spoiled little brat that you so obviously are.

      Both issues above should have been absolute disqualifying grounds for a lifetime appointment to the highest court. Now were stuck having to wet-nurse this mollycoddled whelp for perhaps another 30 or 40 years, ugh.
      "Unrepentant Reprobate"
      Lew Barrett