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Have you ever been hit by a deer?

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    I had one that had likely just been hit by another vehicle stagger into my pickups rear quarter. That was a highway. Killed the deer, needed bodywork

    The other was on a secondary road, no shoulder, embankment on right. Deer jumped across the road using my. Broncos hood as a sort of mid point spring board. I pulled out the dent in the hood from that one myself. The truck was old at the time and good enough was good enough.


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      Re: Have you ever been hit by a deer?

      I got the joke, but it's a tough medium to tell when someone IS joking. A 'smiley' can help.
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        Re: Have you ever been hit by a deer?

        There is no rational, logical, or physical description of how free will could exist. It therefore makes no sense to praise or condemn anyone on the grounds they are a free willed self that made one choice but could have chosen something else. There is no evidence that such a situation is possible in our Universe. Demonstrate otherwise and I will be thrilled.


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          Re: Have you ever been hit by a deer?

          For 2-1/2 years that ended late April 2019 I drove a 26-passenger 'commuter' bus on Mondays, four round trips up US Rt 14 to La Crosse WI & back, about 340-350 miles in all. Year'round.

          Last run early one November I was headed back to the home base, going east just out of Coon Valley. It was dark, maybe 5:20 PM, I was doing 55 when I saw a deer run across the road about 30 yards ahead of me... I took my foot off the gas, started to slow down.

          Second one ran smack into the right front bumper before I even saw it, but in that I was already running a tad behind schedule & had a few commuters left aboard who wanted to get home I kept going.

          Everybody heard it, there were a couple of gasps. Riders are rural folks so it was pretty much business as usual.

          Timing would have put it right into the passenger door beside me, or maybe into the passenger windows farther back if I hadn't backed off when I saw the first one.

          That bus was built on an F-500 chassis so damage was minimal. Takes a bit of force though to bend a 1/4" aluminum bumper, bust up a fiberglass quarter panel behind it. If it'd run into the passenger doors I think it would have taken 'em out.
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            Re: Have you ever been hit by a deer?

            From my late friend, Bill:

            Traveling through the Dark

            By William E. Stafford

            Traveling through the dark I found a deer

            dead on the edge of the Wilson River road.

            It is usually best to roll them into the canyon:

            that road is narrow; to swerve might make more dead.

            By glow of the tail-light I stumbled back of the car

            and stood by the heap, a doe, a recent killing;

            she had stiffened already, almost cold.

            I dragged her off; she was large in the belly.

            My fingers touching her side brought me the reason—

            her side was warm; her fawn lay there waiting,

            alive, still, never to be born.

            Beside that mountain road I hesitated.

            The car aimed ahead its lowered parking lights;

            under the hood purred the steady engine.

            I stood in the glare of the warm exhaust turning red;

            around our group I could hear the wilderness listen.

            I thought hard for us all—my only swerving—,

            then pushed her over the edge into the river.


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              Re: Have you ever been hit by a deer?

              heavy one, chip skiff. very good.


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                Re: Have you ever been hit by a deer?

                My wife hit one a few years ago with her Subaru. She was in town about a block from downtown when the deer came bounding out of someone's yard. Minor damage to the car (broken headlight that cost about $80 to replace), but the deer bounced into the other lane where a pickup ran over it. The guy in the pickup threw it in the back and he and my wife drove the block to the police department where they reported the accident. The cops gave the guy a tag so he could legally possess the dead deer. The tag was needed since there is no hunting on the island and the fine for possessing a dead deer is pretty big. There are lots of deer locally. A half dozen or so walked through my yard a few minutes ago. You can't go more than a day without seeing deer. They are as much of a road hazard as the wild turkeys.


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                  Re: Have you ever been hit by a deer?

                  Originally posted by wizbang 13
                  I ran over a fawn with my 54 pickup some years ago. ba bump. no damage. the group of kids at the bus stop nearby were sure I was a murderer fleeing the scene.
                  A goose suicided on my VW bus windsheild while driving downtown at about 10 mph. He bounced off and went under the wheels of a dodge ram. That were a mess and I felt like crap , seeing his goose partner nearby and knowing that they mate for life.
                  A cat suicided on the same bus too. I could run over cats all day long !!!!
                  That's a pretty horrible thing to say about cats, many who bring love and happiness to their owners.
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                    Re: Have you ever been hit by a deer?

                    in college we were headed to the lake for a camping trip. a deer ran out and hit the boat being towed in front of me. we threw that thing in the boat and grilled it out on the campfire that night.


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                      Re: Have you ever been hit by a deer?

                      you might be a redneck. . .
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                        Re: Have you ever been hit by a deer?

                        no need to waste a good tenderloin


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                          Re: Have you ever been hit by a deer?

                          is it good though? same day red meat?

                          nutritious, sure. but no delicacy.

                          i have processed and eaten road kill deer. not pretty, and not "good".

                          the time to take venison is in cold weather when it can hang for a week.


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                            Re: Have you ever been hit by a deer?

                            Dumb ass critters. I had one run down an embankment and crash into the side of my pickup just as the light changed and I started to roll. I didnt bother to pull over since there was a line of traffic behind me. Old truck with plenty of dents thanks to my two sons so no real harm.
                            Had a big buck clip the side of my VW Golf in the middle of a snow storm. His front legs went down and he slid into the path of an oncoming state plow truck
                            he got what he deserved.
                            The Merritt Parkway in CT is a massive whitetail graveyard. More damn traffic jams in the fall and winter because of deer strikes.


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                              Re: Have you ever been hit by a deer?

                              In January, a new Nissa Versa was delivered to us for DaBoy who needed to have a car to be able to get to his new job and to college classes. He went up to New Hampshire to visit his SO just after the New Year. On the ride home he was on a small rural stretch of highway and slowed down when he saw deer ahead of him. He managed to miss that deer, but another one ran into the side of his car - a glancing blow that the deer ran off from - hopefully not badly hurt. On arrival home, the only damage was a small crack in the rear bumper over the wheel arch, some hair on the rear bumper and the shattered nerves of driver and parents.

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                                Re: Have you ever been hit by a deer?

                                Last year a deer got hit by a van in Slovakia and took the driver with him - impaled the poor guy with antlers. Over ten years ago (my, does the time fly!) a deer ran into a suburban line bus, breaking two windows. My grandma was in this bus, found small bits of safety glass in her clothes and handbag for hours after the event. Deer is a gracious beast, but it still is a pretty weighty beast.

                                I understand how they freeze in the middle of the road, or try to scoot and fail. Multiple instances of animals running into sides of cars and buses are beyond my understanding.

                                Personally, I've only killed one specimen of fallow deer. Since then, I do what my brother in law always advised: when seeing a deer, break first; assess collision risk later
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