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Ingenuity lost then found.

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  • Ingenuity lost then found.

    Even before the end of Ingenuity’s primary mission as a technology demonstrator, the helicopter showed that it could provide tactical and scientific scouting for the Perseverance mission.

    Still flying and getting out of radio range. Solar panel getting dustier. It’s still going.

    In 2028 a lander w two helicopters is on the way.

    NASA and ESA are working to plan ways to bring the first samples of Mars rocks and soil back to Earth for detailed study.

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    Re: Ingenuity lost then found.

    Fascinating, amazing! …………How fortunate are we to be able to see all this sitting comfortably at home.

    America is certainly a place of extreme contrasts.


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      Re: Ingenuity lost then found.

      I have to wonder what the locals might think of this stuff flitting about over their....
      "Because we are not divine, we must jettison the many burdens we cannot bear."

      Mark Helprin, 2017


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        Re: Ingenuity lost then found.

        "Men from earth? Pshaw….. they don't exist……… Far too wet for any intelligent life to exist…..."