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Look out, it's lighthouse season. The government is offering 10 fixer-uppers

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  • Look out, it's lighthouse season. The government is offering 10 fixer-uppers

    The Keweenaw Waterway Lower Entrance Light in Chassell, Mich., dates to 1919. Interested? The federal government is now taking applications to transfer the property to a new owner who promises to maintain the historic structure.
    Luke Barrett/General Services Administration via AP

    Have you been longing for a remote lifestyle, waterfront views or the lulling sounds of the sea? Do you have a passion for historical restoration? The federal government might have just the thing.

    Ten lighthouses across the U.S. are being sold or given away for free by the General Services Administration.

    For centuries, lighthouses have served as guardians for mariners, protecting them from perilous seas and guiding them to safety. But these days, modern navigation technology, like GPS, has rendered the towers less essential.

    Today, as a way to preserve the historic beacons and to relieve taxpayers of the maintenance costs, the GSA offers up lighthouses to the public every May.

    And during this year's "lighthouse season," the GSA is offloading a record number of properties, the agency said Friday.

    Six lighthouses will be transferred at no cost to federal, state or local governments, nonprofits, educational organizations or other groups, if they commit to upkeep of the properties and to make them publicly available for educational, recreational or cultural purposes. Four other lighthouses will be auctioned off to the public online starting next month.
    The rest of the short article and more pictures of lighthouses at the link:

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    Re: Look out, it's lighthouse season. The government is offering 10 fixer-uppers

    Strange list. Nobska is on it, and Nobska has been in the hands of a non-profit for 7 or 8 years now. Their record keeping is screwed up.
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      Re: Look out, it's lighthouse season. The government is offering 10 fixer-uppers

      They might be phoning it in, short of staff, maybe. I was surprised a day or so back when reading an article and, in a quote, the writer of the article wrote 'wanna' instead of 'want to.' I do that, but I'm not being published except for here in the Bilge. It was jarring because it wasn't a typo, and I wondered whether they had a copy editor on the clock. I'm afraid it's part of a trend, like people you're used to seeing dressed in appropriate suits for business wearing T-shirts instead. I get why Zelensky wears a military colored sweatshirt meeting other heads of state in photo ops, but the rest aren't leaders of a country reduced to rubble in a war zone; he gets a wardrobe pass as a reminder of sorts to those who don't live there.