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  • my dad

    dad died Sunday afternoon.

    bernie 311 copy.jpg

    he lived a remarkable life.
    his boatbuilding career was outstanding.
    he was prolific and the level of craftsmanship was exceptional.
    just two examples:

    WW copy.jpg
    The 106' "Whitsunday Wanderer."

    domonicia (34) copy.jpg

    7' Oughtred "Dominica" my tender to Decatur. This boat saved my life once. I still have her.

    188 copy.jpg

    a frontline soldier in the Korean War (white shirt, green tie).
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    Re: my dad

    073 copy.jpg

    we shared a very close bond.

    I stayed with dad till the very end. he died several hours after this photo was taken.

    I loved him deeply.
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      Re: my dad

      Bern ,
      He was obviously a great inspiration to you.
      ya know what ? He was for us as well.
      Take Care of yourself.


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        Re: my dad

        So sad to hear Bernadette, very sad news.
        What a legacy, what a life - it was worth living.
        My thoughts are with you and yours.
        It's all fun and games until Darth Vader comes.


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          Re: my dad

          Take care Bernadette. Condolences to you and those who remain. It was my pleasure to sail with Keith (and you) and he certainly lived a full and honorable life.


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            Re: my dad

            my heart goes out to you bernadette
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              Re: my dad

              Sad news.
              Please accept my deepest sympathies.
              It really is quite difficult to build an ugly wooden boat.

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                Re: my dad

                Oh Bernie, such sad news. But a life well lived. I know how much you loved him.
                My elder half brother is a Korean veteran


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                  Re: my dad

                  Take care of yourself, Bernadette.
                  My condolences. He appears to have been a man I would have enjoyed knowing.

                  There are two kinds of boaters: those who have run aground, and those who lie about it.


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                    Re: my dad

                    So sorry. Take care of yourself.


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                      Re: my dad

                      I am deeply sorry for your loss. He seems like a man who lived life to the fullest.
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                        Re: my dad

                        Sorry to hear this.
                        It sounds like he lived quite a life.
                        Please accept my condolences.


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                          Re: my dad

                          I'm sorry to hear this Bernadette, but his live seems to be well lived, my sincere condolences.
                          I certainly admire his boatbuilding skills.
                          Zorg goed voor jezelf !( take care of yourself).


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                            Re: my dad

                            I'm sorry man.


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                              Re: my dad

                              My sincere condolences Bernadette. I'd give you a hug if I could. You loved each other and made each other proud- it's as much as we can hope for. Jay.