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Biden concerns.

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    Re: Biden concerns.

    Anyone who still supports trump is beneath contempt and too f##### stupid to try to engage in rational debate. Drown the lot of them. JayInOz


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      Re: Biden concerns.

      Joe Biden Is the Master Deal Maker America Needs Right Now

      Kiyoshi Ota/Pool via REUTERS/File PhotoJoe Biden is the Congress whisperer.Facing the toughest sort of Congressional opposition—obstructionist, nihilistic, extremist—the president has, during his first two and a half years in office, achieved extraordinary results. He has produced transformational legislation like the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, the $1 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the $750 billion Inflation Reduction Act and the $280 billion CHIPS and Science Act. These were n
      David G
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        Re: Biden concerns.

        Lets compare the pair- JayInOz


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          Re: Biden concerns.

          FWIW, unless we're going to need to vote for one or the other, comparing Trump and Biden might not be helpful. Yes, Mr Trump is a pathologically narcissistic slimeball, but that doesn't necessarily preclude Mr Biden from being a drooling senile puppet of the radical left. He's no more that than he's a penguin, of course, but 'better than Trump' is about the lowest bar possible.
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            Re: Biden concerns.

            For those concerned that Joe Biden may be too old and decrepit to be running for a second term, here are two recent photos of his most likely Republican general election opponent.

            Donald Trump is 76 years-old and is looking aged. Trump does not wear makeup when he golfs with cronies.

            "They have a lot of stupid people that vote in their primaries. They really do. I'm not really supposed to say that but it's an obvious fact. But when stupid people vote, you know who they nominate? Other stupid people." -- James Carville on the plethora of low-quality GQP candidates in the mid-term election.