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    Re: Sport and fitness

    Originally posted by stromborg
    Have you looked into doing some kettlebell training?

    I have a pair of these, there is a whole subculture around training with them. Lots of ways to get some range of motion, explosive and eccentric load workouts in without taking up a ton of space.
    I've got one kettlebell; it's a 35 pounder. I should probably get a second one at #55.

    When I first got it, didn't use it much. We used it for Crossfit workouts, but as my kids became more serious about rowing we used the rowing machine almost exclusively for their conditioning, the slow barbell lifts for strength, and the fast barbell lifts (Olympic lift variations) for power and explosiveness. There are ways to use a kettlebell to do all of those things, but I didn't know enough about how to use one to have them be able to track granular, workout-to-workout improvements in a way that would keep them encouraged and motivated.

    But I've been thinking I should pull it out again for myself, especially for conditioning. I'd still rather use barbells for strength building, because I'm a lot more familiar with how to program for them, but kettlebell swings and cleans would be a muscle-sparing, joint-friendly and tendon-friendly way to do conditioning - which I need. After a few months when the #35 isn't doing enough anymore, I'll either buy a second #35 and hold one in each hand, or more likely I'll get a #55.

    My younger lad's just started playing rugby, and for all that he's strong now, he's pretty small - wants to put on another 20-30 in the off-season before next year. Kettlebell swings and cleans would be a superb tool for his rugby aerobic and anaerobic conditioning on the off-days from the weight room. The ballistic loading and explosive hip-opening, rotational stability developed through the one-handed movements, all good. All while not screwing up movement patterns for the barbell Oly movements which use a lot more weight.

    I really like what Dan John does with kettlebells, and the variety of ways he uses them.
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      Re: Sport and fitness

      My training has been consistently inconsistent for the past 30 or years. Some phases I've chased the "big three" Wendler's 5-3-1 program was pretty good for that, I was an early adopter of Crossfit, there were a number of "the girls" workouts that I've gone back to over the years. The Tough Mudder organization had some in-gym calisthenic training programs that I enjoyed doing even if competing in the actual event never happened. The year I spent with my friends getting ready to lift stones in Scotland was fun, lots of "Hey! Look at that heavy thing over there! Let's see if we can pick it up!". These days I'm more interested in strength and agility than setting new PRs under the bar. Kettlebell has been good for that, as well as play with the 100 pound concrete stone I cast for that Scotland trip.

      "The best workout is the one you'll do" is indeed the best prescription. Just keep moving.

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