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What Are You Doing for T-Day?

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  • What Are You Doing for T-Day?

    We're having wife's sisters, our children and grands, daughter's in laws, an extra dog, and SIL is bringing a contract worker from work.
    I got a large (23 lb) turkey, and extra giblets, from a local farmer, people are brining side dishes, I'll make lobster cakes for veggie daughter.
    Out of the group, seven are Mayflower descendants.
    And watch the Macy's Parade, and listen to Alice's Restaurant.

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    Re: What Are You Doing for T-Day?

    Also to Her sister’s. The Trumpster BIL won’t be there (yay!), and the other sister is unmarried, so just me and the three sisters. I might have to take a good book.


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      Re: What Are You Doing for T-Day?

      doing a smaller turkey and incomplete fixings tomorrow.

      the big to-do will be saturday, the centerpiece a "dry aged" rib roast of my own production.


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        Re: What Are You Doing for T-Day?

        Just the kids, grandkids, outlaws & a couple of friends, but looking forward to it.

        WNCS (The Point) plays Alice's Restaurant at noon. Either 104.7 or 95.7 in Thetford..

        Happy Thanksgiving!
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          Re: What Are You Doing for T-Day?

          Having a small mob tomorrow. First time in a few years, due to COVID concerns. Three of the longtime regulars got prior invites, but hopefully they'll be back next year. Still... we're cooking a 16# turkey and an 11# ham. I'll make stuffing & gravy as well as the bird. Ham is Son1's dept. but we'll coordinate. Various others bringing other fixings. All I asked for was mashed taters to soak up my gravy. All hippie organic stuff. The ham from a small outfit whose owner I know from boating. We'll be seating 9.
          David G
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            Re: What Are You Doing for T-Day?

            17 here for turkey. But I’m dreaming about tasting Lee’s Roast Beast.


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              Re: What Are You Doing for T-Day?

              That roast does sound good.

              Three extra family members (Parents) for Turkey and all the sides.

              Going to watch the Lions.


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                Re: What Are You Doing for T-Day?

                Going downstate to suburban Detroit in the morning to dine with my friend’s family, most of whom I’ve known since I was a kid. I’ll be coming back home tomorrow night.

                Jeff C
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                  Re: What Are You Doing for T-Day?

                  Well, we WERE going over to our son’s place, but he just called to report 1 child with diarrhea and another vomited in the car.

                  We might go out for Chinese.
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                    Re: What Are You Doing for T-Day?

                    I'll just say that I'm looking forward to Friday.
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                      Re: What Are You Doing for T-Day?

                      We are going to drive 'half way' and meet the daughter and son-in-law at a restaurant for an early afternoon meal - each one orders what they want, we catch up on what's going on, then all head to respective houses

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                        Re: What Are You Doing for T-Day?

                        Going to a friend's house. Hoping to score the carcass.
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                          Re: What Are You Doing for T-Day?

                          We will have a simple Thanksgiving. Kalevala will fix the turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and cranberries. I’ll bake a Finnish Rutabaga casserole and a Grasshopper pie for dessert. Just the two of us as one daughter is a crew member on a research vessel on the Atlantic, the other daughter lives in DR. Will be relaxing and watching a football game or two.
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                            Re: What Are You Doing for T-Day?

                            We have a very small turkey and parents coming over tonight. I hope they not gonna stay too long and I can have a little more time for myself in the evening. I am excited to play couple of games with the 카지노사이트 and drink a beer or two in a quiet. That was a very long and stressful week and I really need some rest afterwards. Can imagine that the whole December is going to be the same.
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                              Re: What Are You Doing for T-Day?

                              I finished re-installing the electric motor on my fantail launch yesterday. Today I will pull the batteries, pull the boat out of my shop and put it to bed in the boat shed for the winter.
                              Shop clean-up will follow.
                              Wife and I will probably go for a nice walk this afternoon.
                              Just the two of us for dinner.
                              No turkey for the first time in our 42-year marriage. We both love Shepherd's Pie, so we are making it with ground turkey to keep with the season.
                              Going to visit our son next week-end.
                              I was born on a wooden boat that I built myself.
                              Skiing is the next best thing to having wings.