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    I visited Norway in the 80's and made it to this museum .I just came across this brochure in one of my bookcases. The WB logo is good ;the reality even better .

    The Gokstad Ship. 24 M LOA, oak planking .Is this the longest lapstrake hull in existance ? The longest ever? There were 32 warrior oarsmen .

    A drawing of the carved tiller. This was ash.

    The rig is a speculation.I would think they sized it to reach hull speed at times ,which would be quite a sight .
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    Re: Viking Ship

    No, There is a new much larger replica, currently in the US

    Facts about Skuldelev 2

    Dating: 1042
    Place of construction: Dublin, Ireland
    Preserved: approx. 25 %
    Material: oak
    Lenght: approx. 30 metres
    Breadth: 3.8 metres
    Draught: 1 metre
    Displacement: 26 tons (fully equipped)
    No. of oars: 60
    Crew: 65-70 men
    Sail area: 112 m2
    Average speed: 6-8 knots
    Top speed: 13-17 knots
    Average speed for oars: 2.5 knots

    It really is quite difficult to build an ugly wooden boat.

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      Re: Viking Ship

      The Gokstad ship is an extraordinary thing.


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        Re: Viking Ship

        Originally posted by skuthorp
        The Gokstad ship is an extraordinary thing.
        Jeff, your inbox overfloweth.
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          Re: Viking Ship

          Nick is correct that the Gokstad ship was not particularly large for it's time. By second world war parlance it was no more than a medium sized cruiser.

          However Nick is mixing up two other large ships.
          -Havhingsten is a very accurate replica of the Skuldelev3 wreck excavated out of an anti shipping barrier of Skuldelev in the Roskilde Fjord in Denmark.
          -Draken Harald HÃ¥rfagre is a would be recreation of the even larger royal longships mentioned in sagas. Very recent arheological finds indicate that those much debated big ships really existed but so far none has been found in intact enough condition to base an exact replica upon.
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