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Camping near Mystic around wb show

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  • Camping near Mystic around wb show

    I'm driving across the country at end of June and want to attend the boat show. Will be driving my old westfalia, then heading north to Canada again for the rest of an extended holiday. How busy are camping facilities near the show on that weekend. Will it be impossible to find something? Should I book Now?
    I've been to Port Townsend a few times and the Fairground there always has room, it's just a big open field. This type of accommodation is fine for me, any thing like it near Mystic?
    Any suggestions are welcome, I have no knowledge at all of the area.

    best rgds


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    Re: Camping near Mystic around wb show

    I know of two very nice camping areas near Mystic:

    Rocky Neck State Park in East Lyme CT. Google Maps puts it 17.7 miles from Mystic.

    And Burlingame State Park in Charlestown RI which is also about 17 - 18 miles from Mystic.

    A Google search on "Camping Mystic CT" turns up some others but I have no idea what they're like.
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      Re: Camping near Mystic around wb show

      Lots of the state run camp grounds are sold out a year in advance, and many are operating under reduced services because of budget cuts. If you want to be "Near" close I'd suggest looking north of Mystic, not east or west. I-95 can/will be a parking lot if there's any kind of construction, or an accident. (It's all those damned New Yorkers trying to get to Cape Cod doncha know....)
      I'd imagine that you could probably find a parking space here if you didn't mind the crowd..... But you'd better check with Margo just in case.....


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        Re: Camping near Mystic around wb show

        we stayed At Devils Hopyard State Park in East Haddam last year, not for the WB show. Google Maps shows it as 27 miles from Mystic. It was a good place to camp, quiet. Not sure about reservations.